connect fail:

  1. Have you purchased our debug Tool?
  2. Check whether the ISP tool driver is installed.
  3. Whether PC can recognize the burning tool normally.

Unable to recognize Flash:

  1. Determine whether to enter debug in uboot mode. Otherwise, the Flash cannot be identified.
  2. Whether the correct flash type is selected (e.g. Spinor or spinand).
  3. disconnect the debug tool and power supply, and try again.
  4. Check whether USB connection is selected in the Config column.
  5. Replace the USB port and try to connect.
  6. Restart the computer and try to connect.
  7. Try a different computer.

Burning fail:
1.Check whether the serial port debugging software is disabled. Otherwise, write burn may fail.
2.Shortening the serial cable connected to the motherboard may seriously degrade the TX-RX signal of SOM due to high voltage

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