Update uboot and kernel

From the above ETH burning principle analysis, update uboot and kernel only need to perform the following three steps in uboot
Take updating uboot as an example:

  • Ubuntu looks at the contents of uboot.es

    # cat images/scripts/\[\[uboot.es

  • In turn uboot.es Command in
    Remind:The command is executed in uboot mode
    Enter uboot mode: Press and hold the Enter key to supply power, or enter reboot and press and hold the Enter key

    tftp 0x21000000 uboot_s.bin
    nand erase.part UBOOT0
    nand write.e 0x21000000 UBOOT0 ${filesize}
    nand erase.part UBOOT1
    nand write.e 0x21000000 UBOOT1 ${filesize}
  • Power on again
    or reset

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