Install The SDK Source

After you download the SDK source code, unpack the tarball to the same directory.
Next, Perform the following steps to complete installation of the SDK source code.
Note: 7-inch development board, Please use patch under the directory of “development board” on the network disk.

  • Extract the uboot source code
#tar  -jxvf  u-boot-2015.01.tar.bz2 -C .
#cd  u-boot-2015.01
#patch  -p1  < ../ssd201_u_boot_2015.01.patch
#chmod  a+x  mz  mkimage
  • Extract the kernel source code
# tar -xvf linux-4.9.84.tar.gz -C .
# cd linux-4.9.84
# patch -p1 < ../ssd201_kernel_4.9.84.patch
# chmod a+x scripts/mkimage scripts/mz
  • Extract the project source code
tar -jxvf project.tar.bz2 -C .
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