Hardware parameters
IDO-SOM2D01 Core board power management
According to the power supply timing requirements of SSD201, the core board leads out two core board power supply pins(SYS_3V3,AVDD_RTC).
VDD_RTC (96PIN core board) must be powered for a long time, and the standby battery is powered for a small current consumption. After shutdown, maintain the internal RTC power supply with a current of 1uA.
VCC_SYS (core board 1PIN) is the main power supply for the core board, with a supply voltage of 3.3V and a peak current of 400mA.

Power pin Minimum value Maximum value Electric current Power supply ripple requirement
SYS_3V3(INPUT) 2.97V 3.63V peak current 400mA
<100mA (standby)
< 30mVrms
AVDD_RTC(INPUT) 2.9V 3.63V < 500uA < 30mVrms

Power consumption test

Test project Test methods and procedures The test results Note
maximum power consumption Dc3.3v power-on test. After the system starts, test the power supply 3.3v/400mA
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