This section describes how to migrate the compiled Qt (QT5.15)
Relevant file access path, Baidu cloud disk:IDO-SSD20X\open_source\rootfs

  • Copy rootfs_qt_share.tar and disp_init_cc0702I50R to U disk (SD card);(See the “Initialization screen” section for the generation of disp_init_cc0702I50R.)
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the board and mount it;
# echo UDISK > /dev/udisk_4g    //Switch 4G mode to USB mode
# mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt    //Mount the u disk
  • Enter the mount directory of U disk to execute:
# tar -xvf ./rootfs_qt_share.tar -C /
# cp disp_init_cc0702I50R /

The root directory will have three files: analogclock disp_init_cc0702I50R

  • Configure the Qt runtime environment and execute:
# source /
  • Run the initialization screen program:
# /disp_init_cc0702I50R &
  • Run the qt demo:
# /analogclock
  • Configuration boot start
#vi /etc/profile

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