• Create a new project Hello with QtCreator and copy it to Linux:

  • In the hello directory, execute qmak-project to generate

  • Edit and make the following changes:

  • Ensure that the cross-compile chain environment is configured correctly:

  • Compile the project

    # qmake
    # ARCH=arm make
  • When the compilation is complete, the hello executable will be generated in the directory:

  • Copy* to /usr/lib on board:

  • Copy the library to /usr/lib/font. The library is available from test/qt/font/ :

  • Add Qt environment variable:

    # vi /etc/profile

    # source /etc/profile
  • Copy to board disp_init and hello, run disp_init in the background, Then run hello:

    # ./disp_init &
    # ./hello`

    The screen can be displayed normally, indicating that Qt transplantation is successful.

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