USB Burn

Before burning, we need to confirm that uboot has been burned by ISP, and uboot contains “usbstar” command. Perform the following steps, including the “usbstar” command:

# cd boot
# make menuconfig

First, we’ve used release_ to_ The script compiles the images directory successfully. Next, through To create USB upgrade image:

# cd project
#  ./

After executing the above command, the USB upgrade image is generated successfully: project/ image/output/images/SigmastarUpgrade.bin , copyth e image to the U disk, and then connect the U disk to the board.
Then power on the board and enter uboot. Set upgradeport to 1

# setenv UpgradePort 1
# gpio output 73 1(The 4.3-inch development board needs to pull up the GPIO to power USB)
# saveenv

Finally, execute usbstar to complete the upgrade

# usbstar
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