7-inch development board RGB

  • Configure PAD to TTL mode
    # vi infinity2m-ssc011a-s01a-padmux-display.dtsi
    For the screen parameters of the 7-inch development board with its own screen, please refer to the screen parameters file in the network disk: development board —-> lcd folder for verification
    Copy the JpegPlayer file from the network disk to Ubuntu and unzip it. Then copy the modified screen parameter and the image of corresponding resolution to the JpegPlayer directory, and rename it to logo.jpg.

  • Modify the content of sstardisp.c file

    # vi sstardisp.c

  • Execute make to generate logo execution file

  • Use USB flash disk to connect lib, logo logo.jpg Copy these three files to the development board

  • Switch 4G to USB mode, and mount the U disk

# echo UDISK > /dev/udisk_4g
# mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt
  • configuration environment
  • Execute logo
# cd /mnt
# ./logo  // Note: to execute under the logo path, otherwise the picture cannot be read
  • Successful display
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