ISP Burn

  • Download tools/ssd201_ISP_5.0.15.rar to windows and unzip;

  • Enter the decompression directory;

  • Use ISP tools to connect the PC and the uart of the board. If the board has not burned the system before, power it on directly. Otherwise, enter uboot, execute “debug”, and close the serial debugging software;
    Note: ISP burning tool needs to be in the same directory as this file, otherwise flash will not be recognized

  • double-click Flash_Tool_5.0.15.exe

  • Clear flash data

  • Burning GCIS.bin

  • Burning IPL.bin

  • Burning IPL_CUST.bin

  • Burning u-boot_spinand.xz.img.bin

  • Verify
    After burning, close the ISP burning software, open the serial port debugging software, power on the board again, and observe whether there is printing information.

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