It can be understood from the data manual that SSD20X has a total of 4 serial ports, of which 3 are ordinary uart and one fuart with flow control function:

  • Correspondence between serial port and device node
    #vi infinity2m.dtsi

    According to the following correspondence:
设备节点 串口
/dev/ttyS0 uart0
/dev/ttyS1 uart1
/dev/ttyS2 fuart
/dev/ttyS3 uart2
  • Open the serial port
    Let’s take opening uart1 as an example to describe the configuration in the kernel when opening a common serial port.
    Change the status in DTS to ok:
    #vi infinity2m.dtsi

    Configure the corresponding pin as UART_MODE_1:
    #vi infinity2m-ssc011a-s01a-padmux-display.dtsi

    Load SStar Serial/UART driver:
    #cd kernel && ARCH=arm make menuconfig
  • Test
    According to the corresponding relationship between the device node and the serial port, the device node corresponding to uart1 is /dev/ttyS1. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether /dev/ttyS1 exists first. If it exists, the node can be operated through the application program to conduct a communication test with the external serial device.
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