• Configure PAD to MIPI mode:
    #vi infinity2m-ssc011a-s01a-padmux-display_for_mipi.dtsi
  • Obtain the timing chart from the data sheet on the screen
  • Modify screen parameters
    You can copy sdk/verify/application/jpeg2disp/src/EK79007_1024x600_MIPI.h and modify it based on it. The modification method is consistent with the TTL screen:
  • Modify the value of ChannelSwap:

    The default PAD pin and MIPI corresponding functions are as follows:

    If the actual circuit connection is inconsistent, you need to modify the value of ChannelSwap:
  • Modify the initialization array according to the initialization code provided by the screen factory:
  • Modify the value of stMipiDsiConfig:
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