1. BootLogo
bootlogo is used to display pictures when uboot starts, and the picture can be displayed within 2 seconds after the board is powered on. The following describes the implementation process of bootlogo under the SSD20X platform. By default, I have already understood the generation of rootfs in Chapter 4.

  • Assuming our screen is FRD480x480_MIPI and the logo picture name is sigmastar480x480.jpg, then modify the values of DISP_OUT_NAME and BOOTLOGO_FILE:
    #vi project/configs/nvr/i2m/8.2.1/spinand.glibc.011a.64

    Copy sigmastar480x480.jpg to the project/board/ini/misc/ directory:
  • According to Chapter 7, adjust the screen parameters and get the screen parameter header file FRD480x480_MIPI.h, but the screen parameters are suitable for MI architecture, and bootlogo uses MHAL architecture, so you need to change MI architecture to MHAL architecture:

  • Copy the screen parameter header file FRD480x480_MIPI.h to the project/image/makefiletools/src/rawgenerator/pnl directory:
  • Modify disp_data_main.c:
    #vi project/image/makefiletools/src/rawgenerator/disp_data_main.c
    Include the screen parameter header file:

    Add screen parameters to stTable[]:
  • Modify the screen resolution configuration
    #vi project/board/i2m/SSC011A-S01A/config/fbdev.ini
  • After the modification is completed, recompile the system image and update it to the board to observe the effect:
    #cd project/image/makefiletools/src/rawgenerator & make & cd-

    #./Release_to_customer.sh -f nand -p ssd201
    2. Boot animation
    The method of displaying the boot animation.
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